Moon Baby 1.0 2021 Lunar Calendar (Northern Hemisphere)
  • Moon Baby 1.0 2021 Lunar Calendar (Northern Hemisphere)


    Moon Baby is a lunar cycle calendar and inspired by the wonderful workings of the moon and universe and also, by the designs of my first collection for Get Lazy releasing January 2021 but sh, it's a secret.


    Growing up with a spiritual background, I have always been fascinated by the moon and the power that it holds over the universe and humanity. I have followed moon phases and times for as long as I can remember and have developed my own techniques on how to transform through your divine feminine energy, intuition and emotions throughout the yearly moon phases and align you with your highest self.


    Moon Baby is a full twelve (12) month calendar designed by myself including a full overview of the entire years moon phases, dates and times of each moon, zodiac features, 12 dated months in weekly layouts, moon meanings, self love tips, manifestation tips, goal setting and intention setting.

    • Size

      This is an portrait A4 document of 210 X 297 mm.